Sep 8, 2009


I am a lovable and capable person...
IN my family of origin, negative comparisons, accusations and blame were common. As I grew older, I may have taken with me a lot of self-blame.

I will no longer deal in self-contempt. I will turn down negative comparisons between myself and others. Shame is no longer a part of my identity.

Thoughts of my being defective or not quite good enough are being released from my consciousness at this moment. I am a lovable and capable person, and I will not reject my self.
I am not paralyzed by awareness of my limitations and mistakes; rather I recognize myself as part of humanity that is whole and worthwhile. Through my course of my recovery, I can recognize my shame without becoming wrapped in it.

I am learning to affirm myself from within.


  1. Your words bring comfort and strength...

  2. Thank you for this!


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