Jul 7, 2009


I will find new opportunities today...
I will view all new situations as occasions for a richer life. I will value all people I come in contact with as teachers giving lessons in survival, speaking volumes in smiles and postures, carrying whole histories in the creases of cupped hands.

I will explore my world- the sight and sound, the taste and smell and fabric of life--dazzling details missed when I mope from day to day in a sage and sterile routing.

Today I shed fears and insecurity and sharpen my senses. I send the freshness of the world, nad I undergo rejuvenation. I take off my blinders of habit and emotional constriction. I expand my vision with truth; the more open I am, the freer I become; the more honest I am the more solid my recovery. The more aware I am, the richer my responses to life.

Today I trust and delight in my capacity for rejuvenation, and I shake off the fears and doubts that would drag me down. I will burst the confines of habit and stale routing and enter and arena alive with variety and joy in rejuvenation.

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