Jul 11, 2009

Inner Voice

Today I will listen to my inner voice and be guided in the right direction...

My inner voice has all the answers loud and strong. Today I will listen to that wise part of my being that so often attempts to guide me. Something the is voice is firm, sometimes its soft, sometimes is just laughs about my interactions and my decisions.

I trust my inner words, guided by my spiritual nature, will continually lead me on the right path. Even during times when I'm not inclined to listen my inner voice continues to send helpful messages.

Today I will listen to my inner voice and I'll be led in the right direction.
Living in an alcoholic family has often been chaotic, scary and confusing. My inner voice usually prodded me along-yet I so often chose opposite actions from what my wise part knew.

Listening to myself can guide me to serenity. Deep down inside, I know that peace exists.

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