Jul 4, 2009


I declare my emotional independence from my parents...

I am coming to terms with the values and expectations that were imposed by my parents. The process of declaring my independence from my family continues on into adulthood. Today I give myself permission to emotionally separate from my family of origin.

Choosing different values and beliefs from those of my parents may cause me to feel guilty. I might need to reassure myself that I am not "letting my family down" by becoming an adult.

Deciding upon my own path is the most important task I must accomplish. If I allow guilt to stand in my way, I will have to face a life filled with resentment, suffocation and a diminished sense of my own worth.

I declare my emotional independednce from my parents today, with love and respect for them and for myself. I have the courage and wisdom to discern which valued and beliefs are useful to me and which I will no longer live by.

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