Jun 30, 2009

Curiosity & Creativity

I celebrate all of my senses today...
Thoreau once said, " Only that day dawns to which we are awake." Each day comes and goes. The beauty of life is lost when I wander though moments Unconsciously. I will delight in fully experiencing this day by wakening my senses.

To do this, I need to give my inner child permission to come out of hiding. What gave me pleasure as a small child? Swinging high on a swing? bouncing playfully on a seesaw? biting into the sweetness of a birthday cupcake?
Playing with bubbles in a soapy bath?

What great loss it is when I fail to enjoy all my senses. I will remember that my ability to recapture is there for the taking. The curiosity and creativity I possessed as a child is still inside of me.

Today I will allow myself to pursue activities which will awaken my senses. Whether dancing, writing, playing or listening, I celebrate the creative wonderful parts that I possess.

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