Mar 9, 2009


Today I approach all of my projects with confidence....

I deserve to live this day triumphantly. Today I choose to expreience joy as I keep my heart and mind open to wonderful experiences.

I approach all projects today with confidence and faith in my success. Whether a small project or a great undertaking, I will finish each task and know my success is assured. I will silence all remarks of failure and realize that these are voices from the past. They have no bearing on my life today.

I have the ability, as a spiritual being, to assume control over my life. Within me exists Divine potential to meet each day joyously with faith in my success.

I will choose to be postive and aware of my feelings today and everyday.Sometimes I feel irritable or depressed and I realize these moods are often just results of bad foods I eat or a lack of exercise or not enough sleep. If this list is not the culprit and I did eat right, etc. and am still feeling down I look at what's going on in my life. Perhaps I am fearful of taking a next step towards something that overwhelms me? I've felt this way many times esp. the past year when I chose to venture into my own business. Uncertainty is a fact of any entrepeneur's life and I'm learning fast the value of eating right, exercising and most of all keeping optimistic and an overall positive state of mind.

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