Mar 12, 2009


I am on a Journey to Discover the Strong Inner Me...

I will open myself to risk and to surprise. Like all journeys, the quest for self-knowledge can bring strength and illumination. I have confidence. I will accept both my power and my needs. I will recognize that my strength comes from caring and nurturing myself and from caring and nurturing others. I will reflect on those I love and know that I, too, am loved.I bask in the warmth of this knowledge.

I have needs, and I am an important person. I will not be diminished, but will grow deep, take root, and cultivate power. As I search, I will discover and revel in the many facets of my inner strength.

One of the biggest I have realized we can create strong Inner selves is by knowing who we are inside and out.

There is no greater power than knowing yourself. "Know thyself."

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