Feb 15, 2009


I can give to others with no strings attached.....

I am changing my definition about what makes a good mother, a good father a good person. A good person is not a giving machine. I am not expected, nor do I choose to continue to give more than I receive. I don;t have to persuade others to like me or to notice me. In my own right, I am likable, lovable, and noticeable. As a child, I needed much more attention than I received. I grew up with the notion that if I can just give enough, maybe I'll start getting back. This belief is erroneous and destructive for me.

Today I will give when appropriate and when I desire. I will not use giving as a mechanism to coerce other sin to feeling sorry for me. Giving is lovely when it is given in the spirit of free choice.

Today the motivation for my giving is clean--no strings attached.

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