Feb 13, 2009

Present Moment

I will savor each moment....

Today I will take time to savor the small pleasures the day brings. I will concentrate on small periods of time, present time. I will not get bogged down in past anxieties or apprehensions about the future.

I want to savor this day, to truly dwell in the present-each second, each minute, each hour.

Growing up in a troubled family, I often gave up the present moment to dwell on past hurts and future fears. NO MORE! Today the present is mine, and I will savor it.

Many of us who have experienced trauma in their lives still feel anxiety today. This is a condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and can though its effects gradually do lessen it leaves some of us with a very unsettling sort of feeling at times. For instance, when I think about getting "out there" more I get nervous. Maybe because I'm simply fearing the unknown. We always fear the unknown, because we don't know what to expect. This is where I have to remember to let go (let God) and go with the flow more. I think sometimes this may be another place my anxiety might stem from: feeling like I have to control what's going on around me rather than just letting it all be. Its like the serenity prayer: accept the people we cannot change except for the one we can and knowing that one is me. I have to remember I can only change my feelings and reactions to what goes on around me. Exercise and nature especially remind me of this.

For example, I enjoy running and walking and remind myself how great I feel after I'm done exercising. Nature can be very soothing, and exercising outdoors is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. When I walk outside I can practice feeling serenity and peace and living in the present moment.

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