Aug 3, 2009

Harmony-An affirmation

My inner and outer vision are clear--confusion is gone...

The bright dawning of this day burns away the mist of confusion. My recovery brings a lifting of the fog that has kept me uncertain of my thoughts, my feelings and needs. Confusion is the cloak worn by alcoholic family members.

Today in my mind's eye, I remove the cloak and leave uncertainty behind. I can be absolutely sure about my needs and trust my feelings to help me know. As confusion lifts, I walk forward with assurance and confidence. My vision is no longer clouded, so I need not walk on false hopes or broken promises. Obstacles are not put in my way to threaten me.

Rather, my vision is bright, the path before me is lit, I see the way clearly and I walk in it. With a new-found clarity, I go in peace and confidence.

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