Jul 19, 2009


I am comfortable with my decisions...

I will concentrate on my thinking powers today, and I will be comfortable with my decisions. I accept myself and feel worthwhile. My self-acceptance and self-worth do not depend on the opinions of others. I make my own sense of self, and I do so in full knowledge that I am a worthwhile person and that I have the ability to think and make good decisions.

I do not ask what anyone thinks. Instead I talk to myself, and I say:"what do I think? What do I want?" When I seek the advice of another, I do so with the knowledge i am the one who make the final decisions. If I try to please everyone, I end up pleasing no one at all, not even myself.
Today I will be conscious of all the little decisions I make, and I will accept all my decisions as right. I will be comfortable in my decisions, knowing that I am doing the best I can.

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  1. I've only recently been getting better with decisions! I was relieved to learn indecisiveness is a trait of an Adult Child. Do you have a problem making decisions? If so, what sort of decisions in yuor experience are harder to make than others?


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