Apr 23, 2009


I rejoice in my laughter....

Laughter is a vital part of life, born in a baby's smile. I am alive with delight. As I continue to recover, I am more aware of the healing that laughter brings. Laughter is one of God's gifts to lighten the heart. I accept and reflect happiness and see it appearing everywhere.

Humor is an integral part of life, and I rejoice in the manifestation of it. Laughter is the music of my soul and my spirit. Today I connect my head and my heart with the complete release that laughter brings.

It's true laughter infuses the spirit. Medically it releases the endorphins, your body's feel good chemicals and you... feel good, better.

On my other blog I mentioned laughter is one of my New Year's resolutions. I gain inspiration from a member of my rock and roll band who laughs often. In the face of being teased, or of someone being too serious and getting angry around him, he laughs. And every time I just feel the air lighten and "watch" as the energy shifts in the room. We all have the magic to laugh, and since laughter is contagious, that positive energy easily spreads. I'm not metaphysical but this explanation seems kind of along those lines, right? Now I guess I'll be cliche:

"Laughter really is the best medicine."

In listing laughter as a resolution I'm left to consciously be aware of doing it more and as I do I realize how healing it can be. In order to help me laugh, I'll try to focus on the irony of things: when I walk out of the grocery store with a full cart and it starts to down pour, or when I leave a car wash and half a mile down the road a bird releases itself as if it aimed for the shiniest car on the road! When a white shirt serves as a magnet for spaghetti or pizza sauce.... "every single time!!"

I can choose to get mad or just laugh. Life's too short not to!

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