Apr 30, 2009


I am aware of total self-acceptance...

Each day gives me a new opportunity to express the perfection which is within me. With this realization in mind, I bless every individual that I encounter.

I now release old negative images and refuse to give them any power. They are burdensome and have no place in my life.

Today I replace these old images with perfect acceptance of all that I am.

For years, I would "ruminate," sit and think abut things. Sometimes this would lead me into depression. Being a writer, all this thinking and analyzing has served its purpose in bettering my writing and analysis of life and why we do the things we do but all this thinking, regretting primarily over a bad decision made or wanting to change some physical attribute of my own is just a waste of time! I'll actually spend time thinking it over and over in my head, using my imagination to "re-enact" the what happened and imagine it happening just the way I really wanted it to or I'll spend time thinking about the what if's what if I looked a certain way?

I am learning to let life roll off my shoulders more and more.This greatly aids in my own self and general life acceptance. I've learned to accept my physical attributes just the way they are and to commit to change what can be changed and learn to more than accept-love my outside just as much as my inside person. I've learned to accept that the past is the past, even if it is just one second ago! There is only the future to look forward to and the present to live in. What we do, the way we act and the decisions we make are just reflective of what we were thinking at the time they were made.

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