Feb 3, 2009


I can make my dreams become reality....

I have dreams and wishes and I know that I can work towards making those dreams and wishes come true. Visualizing the future, I have an attitude of hopeful expectancy. I delight in challenges that bring out the best in me.

In my alcoholic family my hopes took the form of fantasies. I hoped for magical cures and miraculous changes. I wanted family members to behave differently. I dreaded the future and hope that next week would somehow be better. Or next month. Or next year. I prayed that some external force would make life more bearable.

But now I've gradually learned that the only changes I can control are changes in myself. I can change, I can control my reactions to people and events.

Today I will focus on what I can do to start making my hopes become realities.

The great thing about being an adult is we have the freedom to choose what we want to do.......

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