Feb 27, 2009

Healthy Thoughts

I silence old negative messages and replace them with healthy thoughts....

My beliefs affect my life. When my energy is expended on negative thoughts, I get the same old negative results. I have a very decided part in achieving the changes that I desire. I must silence the negative beliefs that have no bearing on my life today.

If old thoughts of anxiety or shame enter my thinking, I can silence them with soothing voices of my healthy adult self. Self-talk can be a useful tool for me. For positive changes to occur, its not enough to wish that my life were different. If I don't keep thinking in accord with the progress I have made, I do not get good results.

Today I will concentrate upon the very things I would like to see taking place in my life. I will not allow old mental habits to erode the changes I desire.

In other words, I will keep my negative thoughts at bay. It isn't always easy to reprogram our minds from negative to more positive thinking, but anything that we make good conscious effort to do is possible and of benefit to us. I belong to several groups where the negative thoughts are simply referred to as the "inner critic" that nagging voice inside that constantly doubts our abilities and "reasons" us out of going after our dreams. The inner critic is a self esteem killer if we listen to it we may only talk ourselves right out of things!

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