Jan 29, 2009

Sensual Life

I will open my senses to the beauty that surrounds me.......
Today is the day to revel in my sensual being. I participate in life today, with my senses open, alert, receptive.

So often as I was growing up in my alcoholic family, I found my vision clouded, my hearing stunned and my sense of touch numbed.

Today I am a new person. I will take special care to open my eyes to the beauty of nature. I will notice the free-form artistry of clouds and the wizardry of trees and leaves. I see colors, shaped and shades.

I listen to sounds, to the murmur of voices, the mood of music, the rustle of fabric and the hushed flow of air. I taste these flavors and I savor my food.

I touch those near to me with love and gentleness, and I am touched in return. I cherish the texture of touch, the texture of life.

Often in recovery as we go about trying to find peace in our lives we are advised to live in the present moment, the "here and now." Growing up in an alcoholic home we were often taught not to believe what we heard, saw or felt in order to keep the family secret so we may have learned to deny our senses in the process. We learned how to feel nothing, to be numb.

Recovery has taught me to try to feel. When I hear music, I like to turn it up and feel its rhythm pulse through me. Sometimes I'll move to its rhythm. Sometimes I'll even sing along!
Singing is just a "feel good" activity that's easy to do. Who cares if you think you can't sing because you don't like the sound?!! Do whatever makes you in touch with the present moment and helps you to enjoy it more.

Some people like to meditate. Though I've only tried it once or twice, I do understand the goal of meditation is to relax and center yourself by paying attention to your breathing and clearing your mind of its daily clutter. In other words, learning to feel only the present moment.
Some other ways to get in touch with your senses:

  • in the summertime, find a farmers market near you and experience the richness of of fresh, homegrown organic fruits and veggies **(Let me tell you all the hype about organic foods and eating locally convinced me try it last summer. And when I sauteed up the fresh tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and onions the taste was so different from buying at a grocery store. It made my eating experience that much richer and fulfilling!)

  • In the snow, make snow angels. In the fall jump in a pile of leaves.

  • When there is a warm rain and your not in danger of getting sick (like in the summertime,) take down your umbrella let the rain drops slash in your face, splash in a puddle, play with your (inner) child

  • Take your car to the car wash and just watch! Feel the car rock underneath you as the undercarriage is sprayed, feel the dizzying sensation of the machine moving beside you that gives the illusion of your car moving (even though its in park) listen to the spray cleanse the vehicle.

  • Enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream or rich decadent mousse once in awhile, eat it slowly and revel in its texture and luxury.

  • Take a bath and use the foamy kind of bubbles

We'd love to hear if you can think of more activities to help you get in touch with your senses, comment below.

Writing these examples I realized these are ways a child must see life, so open to the things we may take for granted. Life surely can be so much more fulfilling when we choose to open our senses and take in each moment that passes.

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