Oct 6, 2009

What we have to look forward to!

  • We feel comfortable with people including authority figures
  • We have a strong identity and generally approve of ourselves
  • We accept and use personal criticism in a positive way
  • As we face our own life situations, we find we are attracted by strengths and understand the weaknesses in our relationships with other people
  • we are recovering through loving and focusing on ourselves; we accept responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We feel comfortable standing up for ourselves when it is appropriate.
  • we are enjoying peace and serenity, trusting that some Higher Power is guiding our recovery
  • We love people who love and take care of themselves
  • we are free to feel and express our feelings even when they cause us (or others) pain
  • We have a healthy self esteem
  • we are developing new skills that allow us to initiate and complete ideas and projects
  • we take prudent action by first considering alternative behaviors and possible consequences
  • we rely more and more on our Higher Power

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