Sep 17, 2009


I no longer wish to manage others' impressions...

I will cultivate self-observations, and I will see how I interact with others. Today I will set about learning how I can have satisfactory relationships-- relationships that please me. In order to do that, I will observe myself in my dealings with people.

Today I will stop trying to manage the impressions people have of me. If I have "acted" my way through life, today I will start living. People will develop whatever opinions they have of me. I will stop trying to constantly make "good" impressions. I will stop trying to impress people in order to appear more worthwhile in their eyes.

I am developing a high degree of honesty and self-observation as I strive to change.

My take on this affirmation is maybe we are so used to seeking control in our out of control homes that we would rather try to control what others think of us. We're used to being shot down so maybe subconsciously we look to be . Our compulsion to people please leaves us vulnerable to dysfunctional relationships. We are so worried about acting as others expect us to act we forget to be ourselves. We must remember we can't please everyone at the same time, its impossible. Also, we are not being honest with ourselves if we don't allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are, regardless of what others think.


  1. Thank you, that really hit home for me! I'm going to save this and read it again and again.


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